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A proud member of the NC State Wolfpack family, Brandon Hill has had his finger on the pulse of tech industry since joining publishing his first news article in 1998 on AnandTech. He has covered all of the latest breaking news and milestones that have occurred in the industry over the years.

When Brandon isn't researching news for DailyTech, he's either spending time with his loving wife Elizabeth, playing with his son, or chatting on various automotive-related websites.

Kristopher Kubicki is an eight-year veteran to online media, and has been involved in the PC industry in one form or another for over a decade. DailyTech began as his vision in early 2005 and later that year DailyTech was already syndicating feeds out to its affiliate channels.

Soon after graduating from the University of Illinois-Chicago's school of Math Computer Science, Kristopher became an unlikely candidate for frequent media attention when he began publishing PC channel trends and pricing based on algorithms and programs he designed as an undergraduate. Much of this original work was either absorbed by commercial software or applied to other publications, and as such, DailyTech marks another completely new venture under Kristopher's management.

When Kristopher isn't working on DailyTech, he enjoys delving into the world of information security and data mining. You can frequently find him speaking at Chicago area Linux User Groups and Data Mining SIGs. When he just needs to relax, Kristopher is an ardent traveler, avid science fiction reader and sushi buff.

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