At the University of Adelaide in Australia, a group of AI researchers, have been working on an AI system that can predict a patient’s life expectancy. The result from the AI are as good as that of a medical doctor, with an accuracy of 69 percent.

In the University of Adelaide at Australia, a group of AI researchers have been working on an AI system, which can predict the lifespan of a person, by studying the images of the patient’s organs. The AI results illustrates that its predictions are just as exceptional like that of a doctor. On determining a human lifespan using Artificial Intelligence, the group’s first trial included the use of 48 patient’s chest medical images. Which lead to a diagnosis that the patients would die within the period of five years, at a 69 percent rate of accuracy that is as equivalent to doctor’s manual predictions.

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According to Dr. Luke Oakden-Rayner, “Predicting the future of a patient is useful because it may enable doctors to tailor treatments to an individual. Instead of focusing on diagnosing diseases, the automated systems can predict medical outcomes in a way that doctors are not trained to do, by incorporating large volumes of data and detecting subtle patterns”. The application of using Artificial Intelligence for predicting human life span, came after a recent startup in China after their announced that they had developed an AI system that could aid in examining CT scans diagnosing lung cancer.


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 Additionally, IBM’s Artificial Intelligence system Watson arrived in hospitals last year, with helping to answer questions from patients. With this, we can now say that AI systems are accelerating into our medical system at a fast pace. The group of AI researchers at the University of Adelaide are trying to modify and broaden the AI system focus, also with progressing the analysis to about tens of thousands of patient images. With the AI’s accuracy rate of prediction, the life span of a human being as good as that of a doctor, one can only imagine what awaits in the future with further studied iterations of what the AI system could accomplish.

Source: :The University of Adelaide

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