Meanwhile Sen. Paul continues to face similar attacks from the media, which is accused of favoring Trump

Time Warner Inc.'s (TWX) cable news channel CNN is in hot water over allegations of censorship and political propogandizing.  After Tuesday night's Democratic national party debate amongst front-runners Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Bernard "Bernie" Sanders (I/D, Verm.), CNN took to the internet to poll watchers of who they thought won.

The result was a landslide for Sanders, with over 75 percent reporting he won.  Only roughly 18 percent of folks though Clinton won the debate.  And yet, in the wake, CNN persisted in its narrative that Clinton won, tapping Pundits to attack Sanders.  The network focused on pedantic attacks on Sanders comments, while overlooking far more glaring misstatements from their chosen candidate Clinton, according to Media Equalizer, an independent political blog.

Citizens weren't buying it and took to CNN's website to voice their opinion that Sanders won.

That's when the censorship hammer dropped, according to CNN.  Media Equalizer offers up the following snapshots of users complaining about mass censorship of pro-Sanders comments.  

CNN deleting pro-Sanders comments

CNN deleting Sanders comments

Devoted Sanders supporters have taken to repeatedly reposting the censored comments in an attempt to stay ahead of the media censors at the network.  But it's clearly an ongoing battle, according to Media Equalizer's account.  CNN, who again is owned by a Time Warner Inc., offered no acknowledgement of this pro-Hillary campaign of apparent media manipulation.

The accusations are somewhat ironic given that during her time as Secretary of State of the U.S., Hillary Clinton oft attacked the Chinese in carefully worded speeches accusing the Asian superpower of media/internet censorship.  Now it appears she's benefiting from a similar brand of censorship herself.

What's particularly troubling is that the Republican party has been subject of similar accusations.  While the media likes to poke fun at front runner Donald John Trump, it's also taken to viciously attacking perhaps Trump's most principled challenger, Sen. (and Dr.) Randal Howard "Rand" Paul (R-Kent.).

Rand Paul
Once Republican front-runner Sen. Rand Paul has found himself under similar attack from the media, which has successfully stalled his campaign. [Image Source: AP/Rand Paul/Bernie Sanders]

Ironically, CNN was one of the few to carry Paul's complaint that the media was manipulating the coverage in favor of Trump.  Paul stated early last month:

Television works, Wolf.  If you would give some other candidates time from eight in the morning to eight at night all day long for three weeks, I'm guessing some other candidates might rise as well.

Sen. Paul spoke optimistically of the public escaping the media spin, commenting:

But there's going to be time for that.  I think this is a temporary loss of sanity, but we're gonna come back to our senses and look for somebody to lead our country at some point.

Yet here we are in October and with the primary season fast approaching Sanders -- another perpetual media target -- is being blacklisted on Clinton's behalf by news networks, while Sen. Paul has faded from the front-runner pack.

It's perhaps no coincidence that in spite of their substantial political divide on the role of government, that both Sen. Sanders and Paul often found themselves united against the majority within their parties and wealthy special interests on issues like domestic spying.

It appears that the media's hope of pitting good friends (well former friends, at least) and fellow 0.01 percenters Clinton and Trump against each other has nearly come to fruition.  However, supporters of Sens. Paul and Sanders --politically far apart as they may be -- find themselves in a common fight against the media censorship and favoritism.

Source: Media Equalizer

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