A drone that can carry people will begin” regular operations” the Dubai Transportation agency has announced at the World Government Summit, that drone passenger service over the city’s road will start from July in Dubai.

According to a government agency video, it is “auto-piloted” by a command center.   This Chinese model eHang184 with speed of 100 miles per hour can fly 31 miles on one fully charged battery carry one passenger up to 220 pounds and has 30 minutes flight time. “This is not only model”, Mr. al-Tayer, Reported by the Associated press.

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“This drone was use by press over the Dubai’s skies.” Dr. Steve Wright, senior lecturer in avionics and aircraft systems at the University of the West of England, told BBC that safety would have to be paramount.   He also said, “that normally it is easy to make the system to work. The tricky bit is making systems that are resilient to failure”. Interesting thing is that he won’t be volunteering for an early flight.

And this is how it works, Passengers will be able to select a destination from the self- driving taxi on a touch screen after it will take off automatically toward the destination.

The road and transportation agency issued a statement saying the drone had been examined by Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and was controlled through 4G mobile internet.


I am sure that there will be more drones start to flying over the streets and roads around the world, as it is reported last month Israeli firm Urban Aeronautics announced that Cormorant passenger drone designed for military use could be in use by 2020.

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