The GoPro action camera specialist has announced its first model to take 360-degree photos and videos.



This device features built-in image stabilization, audio captures and works underwater.


The company is in red for its past seven financial quarters that created a net loss of $506m.


According a report, Michael Pachter, managing director of equity research at financial services firm Wedbush Securities, “ Weak sales combined with heavy research and development spending to improve the growth and strength the brand.”   However, it is not a guarantee that they can grow revenues with these products.


The company offered a high –end device in the past called Omni with price of $4,999 that was far beyond the reach of many consumers. Therefore since then the company was working on alternatives, which took almost over year to announce.


The new GoPro will cost $699 and it is bigger than one of the company’s action cameras but fits in a pocket, and will go on sale in November and is  still about 40% more expensive than the company’s flagship action camera.



GoPro Fusion has two lenses, either side of the its body, which capable of filming 360 degree footage at 30per second and 3K resolution at 60fps. This device does work in water at depths up to 16ft and accepts voice commands in 10 languages.


According to the company, as far as stabilization goes it comes close to the level you would expect from using a separate mechanical gimbal.



Several filming modes were shown off at the Sand Francisco launch along with Overcapture, which allows filming a spherical scene and then playing back while moving the camera to show the quality of the final footage.


Another announcement made by GoPro the latest generation of its core action camera- Hero6 Black will have custom processor features. Now the device allows 4K video at 60 frames per second and has better stabilization.  Also added that a software upgrade for its Karma drone that will allow it to automatically follow the person holding its controller, keeping them in shot.  Of curse several drone competitors including DJI’s Mavic Pro, have offered a similar facility for some time. 

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