Google is now creating an ad blocker for its Chrome browser, these tool will be coming soon within a year.

Google one of the biggest web advertising company is building an ad blocker into Google Chrome, the popular web browser in the world. As reported by Wall Street Journal the ad blocker will end up in the mobile and desktop version of Chrome, which would be switched on by default. The ad-blocker is more of a quality assurance that will prohibit pop-ups from generating in excess, and in turn warn users when they are exposed to content that could be harmful to their devices.


More so the report claims that Google is getting through to publisher partners in administering clear guidelines on how the new filters will intend. Also, publishers will be given a self- service tools called “Experience Reports”. The tool will notify them on ads that presently exist on their sites that will run erroneously. This is presented to give publishers at least six months in advance for preparation, and to detruncate their advertising before it gets to the consumers build browser. Although this ad-blocking tool will affect the revenue for publisher in the coming year.


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Wall Street Journal state that the plan could still change, but as for now the standard form of ads Google will assume preventable by the filter are included in the covered categories under the Coalition for Better Ads. According to these standards of ads deemed as unacceptable advertising Content will be blocked on site by Google’s Ad-blocking tool.

Google has been working on the ad-blocking feature as of April. Google’s determination in rolling this into its own web browser, might be motivated with desire to have control over ad-blocking technology in to their hands. In as much as most ads populated by third parties have been collecting payments from google in  exchange for whitelisting their own advertising content.

Source: CNBC

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