Computing is evolving from a mobile first to an AI first approach.

This will fundamentally change multi-touch, locations, identity, payments and others, through the use of machine learning. AI is getting better results by rethinking how to solve user problems, which will be implemented across all google products. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, voice and vision have brought significant breakthroughs all thanks to deep learning algorithms that help in getting accurate results. The following is a list of what happened and matters during the Google I/O 2017.
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Google Lens
Google Lens is a set of vision based capabilities that can understand what a person is looking at, and help the person take action based on that information. This technology will appear first in Google Assistant and photos, and later on in other products. It works by just focusing your camera on an object let's say a leaf and it will give you information on what type of leaf it is. This can be helpful to people like campers who are not aware of dangerous leaves in a forest.
More so, it has made getting Wi-Fi information easy by just focusing your camera lens to the Wi-Fi network info on the back of an internet router, and it connects you automatically to the network.
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Google is bringing their AI efforts to, which is a collection of efforts and teams from their company that is focused on bringing it to everyone. With three major focus areas: Research, Tools and Applied AI. This works by using neural net to create other neural nets making it easier for developers to use, which can be computational hard to develop for developers.
Google assistant and Home
Google assistant is becoming more conversational, always available, and ready to help its user, which is now going to be available on iPhone, bye Siri. Another aspect of Google’s Assistant, is that this summer it will now be rolling out in the following languages: French, German, Brazilian, Portuguese and Japanese on both Android phones and iPhone, and by the end of the year Italian, Spanish and Korean. Google Home will become a more proactive assistant by automatically reminding its users on incoming and nearby task by providing it in a hands free way. Now you can call anyone with Google Home in a hands-free way in the United States without the need of going through apps.
Google Photos
Suggested Sharing, Shared Libraries and Photo Books are the three new features that would be coming to Google photos, which in turn would make it easier to send and receive the meaningful captured moments of a person's life. Suggested sharing, now allows one to send photos to a group of people that might have appeared in a photo taking. Shared Libraries automatically sends photo to any person it user deems a significant person in their life such as a partner, sibling or a best friend, and automatically sends a library of photo that is assigned to a specific nature, for example photo  that include parties with my best friend. Photo Books automatically suggests up to 40 best photos in your photo library, and would use machine learning to make customized Photo Books for its users and would be available in a week's time.
New features such as 360 videos and voice search are now coming to the living room TV in our homes. Now the need for attending concerts in person is not a problem anymore, as with the new 360 features you can attend live concerts and have a glimpse of the entire activity going on within the confined space of your own home giving you the experience that you were there live on stage. The new feature called SuperChat can be purchased by fans of content creators during live streaming and make their message stand out from the rest of the other comments, which helps the fans to get notice by the content creator and also content creators can make money from it.

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