If you have not decided yet what gadget your dad enjoys most, these are some items that we think make good gifts.

For the active dad – he would enjoy a Fitbit of any kind along with a headset for music lovers.


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The Sony’s MDR- ZX110 on-ear stereo experience for all kinds of music. This device with standard 3.5-mm jack, sound quality and those cushions are comfortable on the ears and with the foldable ear-cups for easy storage. Starting Price $9.49 at Amazon and for dads that like to read, there is nothing better than eBook reader-Amazon Kindle.



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If your dad is partial to paperbacks; you can give him a Prime subscription to purchase his favorite books at discounted price. Or he might prefer digital and saving paper. In that case, you can purchase books either over Wi-Fi or connect using the built –in 3G connection and store them on 4GB of internal storage or in the cloud battery lasts for weeks on the Kindle, becomes good option for reading at home or on the go. Also, the 6-inch paper display has a clear 300-ppi-pixel density, which offers a comfortable reading experience without strain on the eyes.

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Moto G5 Plus, 5.2” Smartphone with full-HD display, 4GB or RAM, and 32GB internet storage that is expandable to up to 128 GB that runs on latest Android OS version Nougat, with 3000 mAh along with the Qualcomm 625 Octa-core chipset, can be a good gift.



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The Philips cordless beard trimmer QT4005/15 with battery life of 45 minutes another useful gift.



"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook

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