The new Kindle Oasis will be Amazon’s first e-reader with water proofing.

Photo Source: Amazon

Amazon’s newest e-reader is called Kindle Oasis and provides a several new features.  When compared to the previous Kindle models, waterproofing is a major change because this is the first ever Kindle that offers protection from water.

But what does that IPX8 waterproof rating mean in terms of protection for Amazon’s popular e-reader?

Well, for starters, IPX-8 basically means that the rated device is protected against water submersion - The equipment is suitable for continual submersion in water under conditions which are identified by the manufacturer.

Photo Source: Amazon

Kindle Oasis is reported to have been tested in two meters of water for up to 60 minutes. Various water situations include hot tubs, pools, and bubble baths. Amazon declined to say what technique it used to waterproof the Kindle, but since it still has an open USB port for charging, it’s recommending that people stand the Kindle upright after it’s been submerged. (So what happens if you don’t stand the Kindle upright?)

The new Kindle Oasis brings other features which include a larger screen size of 7-inches compared to 6-inches. You get the same 300 ppi of old models, but extra LED lights and ambient light sensors provide and enhanced reading experience.

Oasis also has an aluminum back, and a bigger built-in battery which Amazon says has a battery life that can be measured in “weeks”. Fast-charging capability is designed to get you fully charged from zero to 100 percent capacity in 2 hours.

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