Print announced its language processing platform that can answer patient inquires

Meet your new doctor – Robo-doctor announced its language processing platform that can answer patient inquires  

By Otto Mergen

Artificial intelligence based products or services are gaining more and more popularity in almost every industry. Healthcare is one of those industries where AI could potentially redefine the whole sector. A new startup company is trying to contribute to this transformation with its newly announced blockchain-based natural language processing platform for quantified biology.

Collaborating with developers from Stanford and Cambridge universities they created advanced natural language dialog system that generates insights from combined medical data.’s platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, that timestamps datasets and decentralize artificial intelligence.

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Considering that medical professional shortage is a big concern in the sector, the platform could provide alternative healthcare solutions and contribute to better patient care by answering questions specific to patients’ personal health data and their physicians’ analysis. plans to roll out three natural language processing modules: Robo-Genomics for genetic data, Robo-Hematology for blood biomarkers and Robo-Anatomics for anatomic features. is blockchain based platform and its creating digital tokens, called NeuRoN (NRN), to incentivize its community. The total token supply would be 860 million NRN of which approximately 37% would be on sale, 33% to incentivize the ecosystem and the rest retained by the company. Token sale is expected to start on September 28th.

"Well, we didn't have anyone in line that got shot waiting for our system." -- Nintendo of America Vice President Perrin Kaplan

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