Microsoft Office apps are now currently available for download in the Windows store. This will be the first time a person can download and updated the Office apps directly from the Windows Store.


Office Apps (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft is exclusively dispatching its full version of the Microsoft office to the Windows Store. To cohere with the release of the current Surface Laptop that is operating on Windows 10S, with Office apps Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook will all be obtainable from the Windows Store. Although Microsoft beforehand listed Office in the Windows Store, now this is the first time Microsoft will allow a person to download and update the Office apps straight from the Windows Store.

According to Microsoft, there are a few limitations on the Office Version that is on the Windows store. A person can only install a 32bit version of office along with the COM add-ins not being supported. Furthermore, Microsoft is not adding a OneNote app in the Windows store, however the current UWP app will be installed rather. Users of Windows 10S can whereas use the current office mobile addition, Microsoft is setting its install and update procedure for Office in the Windows Store in preliminary study until it has been fully tested.

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