According to a San Francisco report, tech giant Microsoft went for the waterworks at the conclusion of CEO Satya Nadella’s Keynote Address which showcased a prototype watch that eliminated the arm shaking that often plagues those suffering from the neurological disease Parkinson’s.

After a speech that both heralded and warned about coming leaps in technological power, Nadella screened video that told the story of two British Microsoft researches, Haiyan Zhang and Nicolas Villa, who decided to launch and independent project to create a tremor-eliminating device for a BBC documentary, The Big Life Fix.



The researchers working with a graphic designer and a Parkinson’s patient developed a watch –which they named Emma that according to Microsoft, “vibrates in a distinctive pattern to disrupt the feedback loop between brain and hand.” 



The progress has been demonstrated on the video that showed Lawton trying to draw a square with her shaky right hand, and them again wearing Emma. Watson erupts in tears as she calls her mother to say this is the first time she has been able to write her name in ages.


Emma watch remains a prototype, says Microsoft, but the developers are working with a neuroscience research team to undertake trials with a small group of Parkinson’s sufferers.



Also, Microsoft adds that the watch works through a combination of sensors and AI techniques   to potentially detect and monitor symptoms like tremors, stiffness and instability, among others. 

With the symptoms identified and measured, it is possible to develop technology and devices that help humans manage their Symptoms.


Microsoft stated that Emma Watch is not a cure for the disease, which afflicts 10 million people. ”Rather, it is technology that has potential to help Parkinson’s patients to manage the symptoms that impede regular functions. The research goal is to determine whether Emma Watch could help other people with similar symptoms.” 

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