OnePlus 5  (Source: OnePlus)
This flagship handheld device is expected to get a more powerful battery and more RAM and a Snapdragon 835.

The OnePlus 5 is slated to arrive on June 20th and bring with it a host of improvements over the previous versions of this handheld.  One notable change is the jump in the name from OnePlus 3T that was released in November of 2016. We were expecting the OnePlus 4, but they are giving us OnePlus 5 instead.

OnePlus 3T
Photo Soure: OnePlus

Here is what we are getting. 

Better Processor - The Snapdragon 835 by Qualcomm is a powerful processor that is in most flagship Android smartphones.  Snapdragon 835 is known for its ability to support surround sound, eye tracking, a better GPU, depth-perceiving cameras, and very high-speed LTE streaming.

Photo Source: Qualcomm

Better Battery – the OnePlus 3T gave us a day’s worth of power in half an hour.  That is very good for power hungry premium smartphones.  The OnePlus could possibly come with a new 3500 to 4000 mAh battery. The Dash Charger technology should remain present to provide faster, safer and cooler fast charging. The good thing about Dash Charge technology is that its charging speed remain constant even while live-streaming, playing games or other power hungry activities.

More RAM – The OnePlus 3T gave us 6GB of RAM. I suspect that we could see 8GB of RAM to handle the multitasking without lag in performance. The increase in RAM will allow for smoothing graphic intensive gaming, 4K video streaming and shooting , and immersive VR experiences.

Better Camera – The industry is seeing double.  Double cameras that is.  OnePlus 5 will join the group of smartphones to feature dual cameras. The back Dual cameras are an essential equipment for the kind of DSLR-lite photos that are sort after right now.  Dual cameras also allow support for VR and AR experiences. OnePlus launched its last phone in VR, so it would be a step backwards to remove VR from the new OnePlus 5.

Source: OnePlus

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