Scientist Are Making Rules to Abjure AI from Taking over the World


With AI technology advancing progressively at a flashing pace, a group of United Kingdom scientist are calling for more transparency, and accountably in Artificial Intelligence prior to it becoming too late. The United Kingdom based researchers in their paper says that the existing rules and regulation towards AI and what they can perform are not being limited enough. They also suggest that robots are to be held on the same standards as the human who carry out their forms of duties.

The researchers points out a number of consequences that can lead to some issues down the line, with the inclusion of the various nature of systems being developed. The group of researchers addressed in their article saying “Systems can make unfair and discriminatory decisions, replicate or develop biases, and behave in inscrutable and unexpected ways in highly sensitive environments that put human interests and safety at risk”.

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One of the suggestions that was placed by the researchers is the idea of having a set of guidelines that address robotics, artificial intelligence, and decision-making algorithms as a group. Nevertheless, they admitted that these various areas are hard to regulate as a whole. Additionally, the researchers also recognize that adding in more transparency into Artificial Intelligence systems can adversely affect the AI’s performance. More so with AI now actually having the capabilities of teaching themselves, would lead to a point that we humans cannot clarify what is actually happening.

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This is not the first time these researchers have castigated current artificial intelligence rules. In January of this year, in response to   the General Data Protection Regulation that was constructed by The European Union, the researchers called for an artificial intelligence watch dog. Although In the course of time, AI is going to be beneficial to us humans, either it’s helping doctors in spotting early stages of diseases in a patient, or giving the people incapable of driving a self-driving car. As of the moment experts are hurrying in putting out safety measures in place which can stop AI systems from becoming to dominant and out of control.

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