Technology as the case maybe is one of the greatest medium for change in our current world.

The following trends below will shape the technology industry over the coming years. More so how industrial and consumer associated companies will be doing business in the foreseeable future.



Through the use I.o.T with collections of items that have never been digital, are now being connected to the internet. Objects like doors, Windows, cookers, coffee makers, are all cases where communication between them can now be made possible. Smart Homes for example, are now making home items more controllable through a well-designed interface.


Artificial Intelligence

As of 2017, AI technology is becoming so accessible to the point where the need for superb skilled expert in creating certain programs from the scratch are no longer needed. Now with AI, people can implement the technology using toolkits and framework.  A vast variety of problems in different industry from design, quality control, manufacturing, and customer service can be solved by the use of Artificial Intelligence.


Smart Cars

Smart cars have made driving easier, by the aid of artificial intelligence which amplifies and automate the control of a vehicle. Autonomous driving is becoming progressively popular, with companies such as Tesla, google, Apple, and Nissan are paving way the way for self-driving cars. Infotainment has been a focus for smartphone and cars interaction by the likes of Apple and Google by allowing users to connect to the internet and playing music.


Virtual Reality

With positive reception from when companies started launching VR Headsets, with vast amounts of apps and games, Virtual Reality is becoming more accessible to people. With the ability to change your physical location from your present is a powerful tool. VR can be used and implemented in several ways from education, therapy, gaming, architecture and lots more.



"When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." -- Sony BMG attorney Jennifer Pariser

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