The Intel new Compute Card is a computer that is as small as our smart phone and can be taking with us anywhere.

Compute card (Source: Intel)

As of now, we can say smartphone are compressed computers we put in our pockets, however the new Intel’s Compute Card reforms a physical PC into something a person can take anywhere. The Compute Card is assembled with an array of processors, with the inclusion of the notebook class Core i5s, and an ultra-efficient Celeron. The Compute Card has the resemblance of a USB power bank that is getting a lot of attention from Intel’s OEM partners that are   anticipating on using it for many things from modular notebooks to smart signage.


Intel’s Compute Card, inherently was announced at the CES earlier of this year, and will enter a set of configurations which will be revealed at Computex with the inclusion of 128GB of flash Storage and a 4GB RAM. Additionally it comes with a 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity and a built in AC 8265 wireless networking. On top of everything Intel further disclosed the availability of the Device Design Kit for Compute Card, which will allow OEM partners to build devices that will work with the modular computing core.

Source: Flipboard

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