Do you know what is inside the iPhone X, Apple’s most advanced iPhone?

Teardowns reports: and released the name of the companies that provided some of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus parts.

iPhone X inside and out is a new design phone. As iFixit teardown states, the logic board has shrunk significantly, and this miniaturization makes space efficient.
Also it adds that the iPhone X motherboard is about 70% of the size of the iPhone 8 Plus board which leaves more room for battery.
Apple iPhone X has a L-shaped two cells battery inside. This is a first in an iPhone ever. This means battery has two cells inside.
- OLED display driver made by Samsung
In previous iPhones, Renesas and Synaptics have supplied display driver ICs. In iPhone X Samsung has supplied the OLED display driver as per Techinsights. Apple iPhone X is the company’s first ever iPhone to boast of OLED screen display.

- Packs 3GB RAM
iFixit’s teardown says, iPhone X comprises 3GB of RAM from SK Hynix and 64GB of flash storage supplies by Toshiba.

- Intel part inside
The baseband chips are from Intel (Intel XMM7480), and these chips are same in all 2017 iPhone editions; iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. The RF transceivers in the smartphone are from Intel too, this is Intel PMB5757.
- Image sensors made by Sony
The front image sensors are reportedly from Japanese electronics giant Sony.

- USB Type-C is from Cypress Semiconductor
The San Franciso-based Cypress Semiconductor Corp is the supplier of USB Type-Ci iPhone X
- Wireless charging is courtesy Broadcom
For wireless charging, there is Broadcom BCM59355 charging controller.
- STMicroelectronics supplied the Infrared camera
The Infrared camera, on the left side, takes the image of face to form a depth map of the face, along with a 2D infrared image.
- Audio IC from Apple and Cirrus Logic
Audio IC, are from Apple or Cirrus Logic in all the Apple’s three iPhones that launched this year.  
- Battery: iPhone X packs a 10.35Wh
Per iFxit report, iPhone X packs a 10.35 Wh (2716 mAh at 3.81V) battery, and iPhone 8Plus with 10.28Wh. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s has 12.71 Wh battery.

- ToF socket same as in iPhone 8, 8Plus and iPhone7
According to techinsights, the ToF die is the same as S2L012AC used in iPhone 8, 8Plus and 7,7Plus. The website also says that Time-of-Flight (ToF) socket is from STMicroelectronics. The cost of the display has been estimated to be $65.50. Apple iPhone 6s used the LED= sensors option.

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