The following top five Android apps have become common amongst Android users, and if you’re looking for great apps currently accessible in the Google Play Store.

Share Square

Price: Free

This amazing app Creates QR codes from your contact, such that any other person using the app can quickly scan the QR code and saving the contact information. This feature removes the need for typing in the name and other contact details. In addition, you can also chat and send messages from the app.


Express VPN

Price: $8.32 per month (also come with a yearly package)

With this app, you can connect to several Express VPN server locations anywhere in the world with just a simple click. The major features of the app are for fast internet connections and protection of private from anyone Including Express VPN. This app gives one the relief from being spied on or hacked.



Price: Free

The Palette apps aid you in getting the color codes from a picture, which works by choosing a picture to get all the color codes in that picture. With just a single click on any picture you have, you can precisely get all the color codes. This can be useful for editing or designing purpose.


Google Drive

Price: Free (With in-app purchases)

This app offers 15 gigabytes of cloud storage upon signing up, you can also buy more if desired. One of the great features available on Google Drive is that it gives you the ability to create word documents, spreadsheets, presentation, and also drawing.  More so, it gives you the integration to all Google products such as Gmail, Google Search, and YouTube.


Glass Wire

Price: Free

This app is a must have for people who use a lot of internet data. The app displays impressive visual graphics, which identifies the specific amount of data an app is using. More so it allows you to get a weekly and monthly data usage and gives you the option to set a data limit for people who do not have an unlimited data plan.

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