Google made two great anticipated updates for its mobile search and Home speakers.

By Otto Mergen

Search engine giant Google is always looking for ways to enhance search efficiency and ensure that search results provide the right information that customers are looking for and that information is easier to obtain. Text snippets that are snapshots of site’s content are already a part of Google’s search results. However, for videos, Google traditionally showed a static image thumbnail in search results. But with such a static image it is very hard to tell the content of the video. Now, with its latest update to its mobile search, Google will show a silent six-second clip to give its customers a better idea if it is a video they want to watch.

Google is utilizing machine learning techniques to determine which six-second clips to pick. Google’s algorithm analyzed different scenes in video and displays the ones that best represent the video. At this stage shapshots are not tailored to one’s queries. So, in a sense video previews are the same. However, Google is looking for ways to accommodate that option.

By default, previews only play when you are on a Wi-Fi. You can enable video previews on mobile networks or to opt out of this feature in the settings for both the Google app and Google Chrome for Android.




The second updated is activation of Bluetooth audio streaming for Google Home speaker. Although Google Home comes with a Bluetooth chip, that connectivity option wasn't available for audio streaming. With this update Google Home users can stream local music, podcasts or their preferred streaming services that may not be supported by Home to their speakers.

If you have a Home you can test this new feature for yourself. To activate Bluetooth, go to settings in the Home app, tap Paired Bluetooth devices and pair your device to the Home speaker.


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