Over the weekend, iPhones were crashing because of a bug in iOS 11. This new update that releases today is said to fix this problem.

Yesterday, my wife’s iPhone 7 Plus started shutting continuously without apparent cause. We both bought our iPhones around the same time and since the problem was not happening to my phone, we decided to enquire at wireless carrier where we made the purchases.


We were told that the issue was a bug in iOS 11 and that it was a nation-wide issue. My wife felt a little better after being told that the upcoming iOS 11.2 was going to remedy the situation.  (Happy Wife Happy Life).


Apparently, there is a bug in iOS 11.1.2 that is causing iPhones to crash if third-party apps use recurring notifications. Apple is releasing iOS 11.2 today, which is supposed to fix the issue and includes a few of new features.

This comes well ahead of Apple’s usual Tuesday release of iOS updates. Needless to say, nobody with a bricked iPhone wants to wait until Tuesday to have their smartphone working properly again.  I know my wife was not having it.

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